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2020-04-05 10:34 pm

because I can

Comment here and we'll see what I think.

It's my LJ - I get to decide - because I can .
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2008-12-06 03:31 pm
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rocking around the christmas tree.....or something like that

I like FREE frun stuff like this, I wanna put a gift under my flisters christmas trees ,too.... cuz it's fun :D:D

Christmas Gift Toy at

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2007-08-11 07:40 pm
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Since I started project365 I took loads of pictures over the past month, 
cause i take my digital camera everwhere with me. 
Some turn out really good, so good, that I -myself- am a bit amazed sometimes.
I really got into it and suddenly see lots of good objects or things to take pictures of.I look at things from different angles that could look interessting on photos.
Often i have more photos than i can fit into my weekly pic posts, and sometimes 
I have a set of really good ones ( car lights at night) and can only post one in project365.

Therefor I put all of my fave photos/ set of photos and those who turned out very good in 
my new photo community.....

[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged

From now on I will post sometimes single pics, sometimes a set of pics there, 
whenever I took some that i like or think turned out very good.
If you like to look at my pics, and I mean also pics OUTSIDE my project365,
then join the community =)=)=)=).