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Yay for you doing your own project365! I hope you'll get many nice shots and will have a good collection of "1 year in pictures" at the end of it.
I feel very flattered that you are interessted in my project365, thanx.

However, my LJ is very much friends only and also my project365 contains a lot of personal pictures. That is why I rather not friend new people if I don't have more in common with them, at least for now (i dunno what i might think in the future). Also in about a week I'll be gone for over a month, so I won't be LJ active either.
I DID post the best shots (in my opinion) in [ profile] photodrugged though, so you're not really missing out on the good pics.

I wish you lots of fun with your project365 though and hope you still continue to take a look at the pics posted in [ profile] photodrugged =)

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