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kiyo [userpic]

Since I started project365 I took loads of pictures over the past month, 
cause i take my digital camera everwhere with me. 
Some turn out really good, so good, that I -myself- am a bit amazed sometimes.
I really got into it and suddenly see lots of good objects or things to take pictures of.I look at things from different angles that could look interessting on photos.
Often i have more photos than i can fit into my weekly pic posts, and sometimes 
I have a set of really good ones ( car lights at night) and can only post one in project365.

Therefor I put all of my fave photos/ set of photos and those who turned out very good in 
my new photo community.....

[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged[community profile] photodrugged

From now on I will post sometimes single pics, sometimes a set of pics there, 
whenever I took some that i like or think turned out very good.
If you like to look at my pics, and I mean also pics OUTSIDE my project365,
then join the community =)=)=)=).

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Wow, great idea. Of course I joined and spent the last minutes with watching your pics. Really, really nice. I'm looking forward to see more of it.

LOL thanx, and thanx for joining as well♥
....yeah i figured i often have so many pics that don't fit in project365 and that way i can have them all in one place....

also project365 entries are always f-locked cause there are pics of me in it and what i write to the pics is not really just for anybody who stumbles upon my the community, i can just put the really good pics there, that are not too personal(e.g. have the gerbyl on it LOL)

hope you enjoy future photo posts :D

Na das lasse ich mir doch nicht zwei mal sagen. ;) *joins* Schöne Idee, bin dabei und freue mich auf die pics bzw. auf die weiteren. =)


na project365 läuft ja noch ne weile, und ich hab mich auch so schon dran gewöhnt die camera überall mit hin zu schleppen und alles mögliche zu fotografieren...da wird es bestimmt noch die einen oder anderen schönen/komischen/faszinierenden fotos geben LOL.

OMG! *joined* I'm such a photography fan xDDD

awwww ♥....yeah I REALLY got into it through project365 and have taken some very nice photos since....

LOL I see you replied muchly to posts over there already, yay

*wil no go and love reading all your comments*

Mmmyay. I love looking at other people's photos :]

I know, I went a lil crazy xD


I know, I went a lil crazy xD

getting feedback on the pics and seeing people's reactions to different photos=)=)=)

hope I'll get to make loads of more nice ones to put in there=)=)=)

*squee* I can't wait to see what others you put there in the near future :]

I joined Project365 a few days ago and would love to see what others come up with. May you friend me? I want to spent days looking on the amout of photos you probably posted since August 2007 ;)

Yay for you doing your own project365! I hope you'll get many nice shots and will have a good collection of "1 year in pictures" at the end of it.
I feel very flattered that you are interessted in my project365, thanx.

However, my LJ is very much friends only and also my project365 contains a lot of personal pictures. That is why I rather not friend new people if I don't have more in common with them, at least for now (i dunno what i might think in the future). Also in about a week I'll be gone for over a month, so I won't be LJ active either.
I DID post the best shots (in my opinion) in [ profile] photodrugged though, so you're not really missing out on the good pics.

I wish you lots of fun with your project365 though and hope you still continue to take a look at the pics posted in [ profile] photodrugged =)

Alright, I understand.
And of course I'll continue to look at photodrugged, because I enjoy it a lot :)